Distracted Driving Awareness Month

ARLINGTON, Va. – April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month, and the Arlington County Police Department wants to remind residents to drive safely by maintaining concentration on the roads while driving.

Captain James Wasem, Arlington County Police Department’s Special Operations Commander, commented “with April being Distracted Driving Awareness Month, the Arlington County Police Department would like to take this opportunity to encourage all drivers to stay alert and aware.  With the nicer weather upon us, we expect a significant increase in pedestrian and bicycle traffic throughout our community and we would like to remind everyone to follow the rules of the road and refrain from driving while distracted”.

As Virginia legislation will be implementing new texting while driving laws, it is crucial for drivers to understand how serious distracted driving can be. Distracted or impaired driving is responsible for several thousand accidents around the country annually. Several of these accidents are directly linked to texting while driving, and many of them result in fatalities or serious injuries. No text, phone call, or other distraction is ever worth the risk of hurting yourself or others.

Drivers can practice safe driving by refraining from actions such as texting or other cell phone use, eating or drinking, reading a map, or trying to deal with children or passengers in the car while driving. These actions can be avoided by purchasing a hands-free device, GPS system with speaking features, and pulling over until an issue is fully addressed.

The Arlington County Police Departments wants our county to be safe on and off the road. Please support us in our fight against distracted and impaired driving. For more information on how you or your loved ones can be educated on distracted driving, please visit the following websites:    




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