Photo Red Light Enforcement Plays a Pivotal Role in County’s Traffic Safety Program

ARLINGTON, Va. – The Arlington County Photo Red Light Program has proven to be an important component of the Police Department’s award winning traffic and pedestrian safety campaign.

Arlington County implemented a Photo Red Light Safety Camera Program in 2010 to increase traffic safety in Arlington County by reducing red-light running violations, collisions and injuries. Currently the Photo Red Light program is utilized at the following intersections:

  • NB N. Glebe Road and N. Fairfax Drive
  • NB N. Lynn St. and EB Lee Hwy
  • WB Washington Blvd. and Lee Hwy.
  • SB Fort Meyers Dr. and WB Lee Hwy.

Following a year of photo red light enforcement, a study conducted by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety found a 50 percent decrease in violations occurring 1.5 seconds after the light turned red at all of Arlington’s photo red light locations.  Additionally, over a 2.5 year period, 96.5 percent of drivers cited for running a photo red light in Arlington County did not violate a second photo red light. This shows an extremely low recidivism rate (3.5%), which indicates that the Photo Red Light Program has had a significant impact in Arlington County. 

The Arlington County Police Department is pleased with the success of the Photo Red Light Program and is continuously seeking to improve Arlington’s traffic and pedestrian safety.



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Dustin Sternbeck