Police Announce Increase in Costs for Records and Reports Beginning July 1, 2014

ARLINGTON, Va. – The Arlington County Police Department’s Central Records Section is announcing the increase in record fees for accident reports, criminal history checks, and police report verifications. The increase in fees which will be effective July 1, 2014, is requested in order to fully recoup the staff costs associated with providing the service while continuing to remain consistent with neighboring jurisdiction’s fees.

Previous Fee                                                                          New Fee

Accident Reports: $3.00                                                       $10.00

Police Report Verification: $5.00                                           $10.00

Criminal History Check: $5.00                                              $10.00

Citizens will continue to have the option of coming to the Police Department to obtain a copy of these records at the Records Management Unit during normal business hours or by requesting the report through U.S. mail.

For additional information, contact Captain Jim Daly, Police Information and Technology Management Section at jdaly@arlingtonva.us or Ms. Sherry Walker, Police Central Records Supervisor, at swalker@arlingtonva.us.   



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