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June 07, 2011

Crime Reports: June 7, 2011

BANK ROBBERY, 06/06/11, 3000 block of Washington Boulevard. On June 6 at 11:50 am, a man walked into a bank and gave the teller a note demanding money. He implied that he had a weapon. He fled after taking cash. The suspect is a white male in his...
June 06, 2011

Crime Reports: June 6, 2011

ROBBERY, 06/04/11, 2400 block of N. 14th Street. On June 4 at 2:30 am, two women were walking when a man rode by on a bicycle and stole a purse from one victim’s shoulder. The suspect is described as an African American male wearing dark...
June 03, 2011

Crime Reports: June 3, 2011

EXPOSURE, 06/02/11, 1400 block of N. Jackson Street. On June 2 at 3:15, a 16 year-old girl was walking home when an unknown man sitting on the steps to a residence called out to her. When she turned to look at him, he exposed himself. The girl...
June 02, 2011

Crime Reports: June 2, 2011

ABDUCTION-ARREST, 05/31/11, 2600 block of S. Arlington Mill Dr. On May 31 at 11 pm, a man grabbed a young woman walking and pulled her to the ground. The suspect covered her mouth with his hand, but she fought back and was able to run from the area....
June 01, 2011

Crime Reports: June 1, 2011

ROBBERY-ARREST, 05/31/11, 1400 block of S. Joyce Street. On May 31 at 6:12 pm, a man approached a woman walking and carrying her cell phone. He forcibly removed the phone from her hand and fled while she was yelling for help. Several bystanders...
May 31, 2011

Crime Reports: May 31, 2011

MALICIOUS WOUNDING-ARREST, 05/29/11, 2900 block of S. Glebe Road. On 29 at 2 am, man stabbed another man with a box cutter. The victim was driven to the hospital by acquaintances and is in serious condition. The suspect was identified and located by...
May 30, 2011

Crime Reports: May 30, 2011

SEXUAL BATTERY, 05/25/11, 1300 block of S. Highland Street. On May 25 at 7:30 pm, a woman was walking her dog when a male teenager slapped her buttocks as he rode a bicycle past her.   SEXUAL BATTERY, 05/27/1, 2800 block ofS. 16th Street. On...
May 27, 2011

Crime Reports: May 27, 2011

ASSAULT AND BATTERY, 05/26/11, 1100 block of S. Hayes Street. On May 26 at 7:40 pm, a man claimed that a security guard assaulted him.   ASSAULT AND BATTERY, 05/27/11, 400 block of N. Thomas Street. On May 26 at 11:30 pm, an unknown subject...
May 26, 2011

Crime Reports: May 26, 2011

ROBBERY, 05/26/11, 1200 block of S. 28th Street. On May 26 at 12:45 am, a man stated to police that two women forced him in a car in a neighboring jurisdiction. He claimed that they stole cash from him before dropping him off in Arlington. The...
May 25, 2011

Crime Reports: May 25, 2011

ASSAULT ON POLICE-ARREST, 05/24/11, 1900 block of Columbia Pike. On May 24 at 12:30 am, a woman assaulted her live-in boyfriend. She also assaulted a police officer while being arrested. Michal Hancoff, 35, of Arlington, was charged with Assault and...
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