Arlington Statement on Virginia’s Temporary Agreement with Uber and Lyft

ARLINGTON, Va. – Arlington learned today, in a statement issued by Governor Terry McAuliffe and Attorney General Mark Herring, that Virginia has reached an agreement with the transportation network companies Uber and Lyft. The agreement allows those companies, and others like them, to begin immediately operating legally in Virginia under a temporary legal framework.
“This is a good interim step toward finding a permanent solution that will encourage innovation in the transportation industry and ensure the safety of passengers. This agreement serves to bring Uber and Lyft into compliance with state law.” Arlington County Board Chair Jay Fisette said.

Fisette noted that the Department of Motor Vehicles is continuing its study, at the request of the General Assembly, to develop a long-term legislative solution that addresses services provided by Uber, Lyft and other transportation network companies. That study is due to be finished in time for the 2015 legislative session.
“In collaboration with all stakeholders, Arlington is committed to continuing its participation in the DMV study. Our goal is to support transportation systems that provide consumer options and safety protections and fosters innovative practices, while preserving a viable business opportunity for drivers and companies.” Fisette said.

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