Statement from Jay Fisette, Chair of the Arlington County Board

On the County Manager’s review and redesign of the Columbia Pike Transit Station Stops (formerly known as Super Stops):

I am very pleased with the work that the Manager and staff have done to not only improve the functionality of the Columbia Pike Transit Stations, but also to substantially reduce construction costs.

The original Walter Reed prototype needed to be fixed and we needed to take over control of the project. We responded quickly and the Manager’s recommendations are clear.

As a former Government Accountability Office (GAO) auditor, I believe in getting the best value for every dollar spent. Even though the funds for these new transit station stops are almost entirely federal and state dollars, we have a responsibility to see that they are used efficiently. I believe the Manager’s proposal will get this project back on track in a fiscally responsible way.

This is a key project for the redevelopment of Columbia Pike, one of our County’s most important business corridors.

The success of Columbia Pike is important to the continued economic sustainability of our entire County. The choices we make today set the stage for future economic success, for generations to come. As I stated in my New Year’s Day speech earlier this year, continued strategic investments in infrastructure – particularly transportation and technology – will be critical to our future economic health.


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